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5 Ways to Customize Your Packaging

Packaging performs several functions for your business, well beyond getting your products from Point A to Point B in perfect condition and on time. Since you don’t see your online customers in person, the package you send, what it looks like, what it says, and how it makes your customer feel is crucial.

Why? Primarily because it helps you earn repeat business. Imagine for a moment: your prospective customer can get an item from you and a nearly identical one from your competitor. Your packaging is thoughtful, coordinated, says things they identify with, and includes a personally written note. At the same time, your competitor tosses the item in a box with a couple of air pillows, seals the package with clear tape, and only has a QR code printed on the box.

Which one would you choose? What would it say to you? Chances are you would pick the one with the colored tissue, a coordinated box with customized water-based tape, and a cheerful note thanking you for your purchase. It makes you feel good and tells you they care about not only getting their product to you but that you feel good when you get it.

While we are talking about things in groups of five, here are five reasons custom packaging is essential for your brand:

  • It does a great job of increasing brand awareness. Consider, if you see a red dot with a red circle around it on the box, who has sent it to you? If you said Target, you’re right.
  • It allows you to include the proper foam, bubble wrap, peanuts, or other protective packaging to ensure your item gets to your customer in perfect condition. If you don’t know which is best for you, check out one of my other blogs here.
  • It enhances your customer’s experience with protection that says you care that the item arrives safely and packaging that is attractive and includes your company information, logo, and—possibly—a QR code.
  • It allows you to increase your brand value by giving your customers a wow moment, which could include an unboxing opportunity they can post on social media or a handwritten note that makes them realize they aren’t just customer number 457532.
  • Custom packaging also gives you the chance to choose eco-friendly alternatives that tell customers that you not only care about them but also the environment.

Custom Packaging Options

We’ve referenced some ways you can make your packaging work for you and help your customers love your company as much as they do your products. There are many different ways to customize your packaging, and some cost more than others.

Here are some great options that don’t break the bank but will help to keep your customers happy and coming back for more:

Custom Tape: Custom packing tape is an easy and cost-effective way to personalize shipping boxes with your branding, including logo and colors. It makes it instantly identifiable to your customers.

Custom Stickers: Custom stickers are versatile and an easy way to add information that might change, such as an event that is coming up or recognizing a holiday. You could put a quiz on it, a QR code, or a joke that brings a smile. The options are endless.

Custom Colored Stuffing Paper: You can use custom colored stuffing paper to reflect your company colors or change them to coordinate with a holiday and a unique sticker.

Personalized Thank You Cards: Personalized thank you cards can be small, and the note short and sweet. If you include your customer’s name, it takes your connection to a whole new level.

Ribbon: There is something about a ribbon tied around an item inside a package that says party. It doesn’t matter if there is an occasion or not. If there is a nicely tied ribbon, happiness is tied in with it—as long as it is easy to get off.

For help purchasing any of these items, or deciding which is right for you, call us at Pinnacle Packaging at (773) 235-6060.


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