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The Team

Pinnacle Packaging prides itself on immediate response to your purchasing requirements. Strict attention is paid to assure the on-time delivery of your stock or customized product.


Over 20 years of experience in the packaging business puts Pinnacle Packaging in a position to verify you are ordering the right materials for your company’s concerns. There is no added or built-in fee to our customers for this service. This is a value-added bonus of putting your purchasing needs in Pinnacle’s hands. Pinnacle Packaging has up-to-date knowledge of the entire range of packaging materials and their manufacturers, adding efficiency to your ordering process.


The biggest concern for our clients is whether or not they are getting competitive pricing on their orders. This is Pinnacle’s concern, as well. We work over-time to earn the trust of our clients. 

Our goal is not to simply place an order. Anyone can do that. As a business, we want to establish successful and lasting relationships. Improving your bottom-line is the foundation from which we operate.

We appreciate the opportunity to present Pinnacle Packaging as a specialist that can achieve the results you demand. We serve Chicago and Milwaukee. If you have immediate questions, please call Nicole DeJoris at 773-235-6060.


Pinnacle Packaging prides itself as being an eco-friendly company. We are committed to providing packaging that improves sustainability and contributes to a green future.

One of our most sought-after items, corrugated paper brown shipping boxes, is recyclable. Corrugated paper, also a renewable resource, is an alternative to other packaging materials such as plastic bubble wrap.

Plastic still plays a role in shipping but there are ways to make it more affordable and lightweight. Pinnacle sells affordable thinner and stronger bags for fabric and carpeting.

Our goal is to have cost effective, eco-friendly options for all of your packaging needs.

For sales inquiries, or placing an order please contact us at

For accounting inquiries please contact us at

“Pinnacle is one of the best vendors among the list of over 100 vendors that we currently use to help with shipping, manufacturing, and distribution needs of our organization. Their X factor is most definitely the inventory management and lean distribution, which enables us to order enough to maintain sufficient stock of key SKUs while only stocking enough quantities to ensure that our cash flow is in good shape.”

-Jill Davis