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Are Those Packaging Supplies Worth the Price? How Consultants Save You Time and Money

The best value when looking for packaging supplies isn’t found in the supplies themselves. You will find it in the person who is buying and selling those supplies. This person can have many different titles. Owner. Sales representative. Buyer. Customer service representative. But the most accurate and least used is consultant.

When looking for packaging supplies to use in your business, there are a lot of considerations, from overall functionality to keeping product damage and loss to a minimum.

And then there is the price. Does more expensive mean a product is better? Does a cheaper product actually save you money? Then there is the million-dollar question—how do you know which of the sometimes hundreds of options are best for your product or products?

A company like Pinnacle Packaging, which sells a robust selection of packaging products, is sure to be impressive. Still, all of those choices can cause anxiety because no one wants to choose the wrong products and have damaged goods arriving on a customer’s doorstep. Nor do they want to waste money and inflate the bottom line needlessly.

How does one navigate all these decisions and come out confident that they have chosen the correct products and not paid too much or sacrificed quality?

Choose a company that offers a good selection of items you are interested in, across a variety of price points, and, most importantly, employs a consultant who knows all the products well and can guide you to the best products and value for your needs.

Here are the top reasons why using a consultant when purchasing packaging supplies is the most important part of the process:

  • They want to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.
  • They understand the differences between products and can cut through the noise and confusion, saving you time.
  • They will discourage you from buying products that won’t perform how you need them to, regardless of price.
  • They will be creative in helping you find solutions to difficult problems.
  • They will provide education or instructions for your team on how or when to use a product as necessary.
  • Their advice can positively impact productivity.
  • Their suggestion to use certain products can help boost customer service ratings after the customer has received your product.
  • They help you purchase products for the right price (quality + price = value).
  • Their advice can help boost the bottom line.
  • They are easy to work with and see your success as a reflection of how well they do their job.

The best consultants ask detailed questions and actively listen to your answers. They consider all the options, work together with you to find the perfect fit, and, when needed, brainstorm out-of-the-box solutions to your most challenging packaging needs.

At Pinnacle Packaging, we are client-centric, and ensuring your satisfaction and success is what we find most rewarding. Call us at (773) 235-6060 so we can help you find the right packaging supplies for your unique products.


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