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Custom Packaging Supplies Help Build Your Brand

Two packages arrive on your doorstep. Both contain items you’ve been waiting for rather impatiently because you’re so excited. Carrying them inside, you drop them on the table and reach for your box cutter to open the first one.

Which one do you choose first? The plain brown box with a simple label and an unrecognizable return address? Or the other one that makes your eyes light up when you see that the package has your favorite designer’s name splashed across the surface and the tape that seals it?

It doesn’t matter if the plain box contains a pair of jeans you searched for everywhere. The box with the name you recognize has you holding your breath as you open it up and push the decorative paper aside to reveal the item inside.

The embossed card sitting on top has your name on it and a short thank you note written by the person who packed your item for shipping. They signed their name with a flourish, and it was the final piece that made you feel connected to the company you ordered from. Spotting the QR code on the card, you decide to check that out after you try the item on.

Only after you’re done trying it on and following the QR code to leave a favorable review do you remember the other box. You open it up, see the jeans in their plastic bag, and toss aside the plain white invoice sitting on top. Grabbing the jeans, you don’t give much thought to the company you ordered them from.

ROI from Customizing Packaging Supplies

These two very different scenarios are something that nearly every person has experienced, especially in our post-Covid shopping days. They also highlight the ROI companies experience when using customized packaging supplies.

Online shopping is convenient and saves on overhead costs for retailers, but it creates other challenges, especially providing an experience that is remembered by the customer and building a connection that will encourage them to return the next time they need something.

When you consider how customers react to different types of packaging, you can see how putting your branding on your shipping box, the tape, and the paper used to protect the shipment creates excitement and an experience for your customer. The personalized note adds to the feeling of connection.

Statistics put numbers to that customer experience. According to’s statistics on customer retention, 82% of companies say retaining customers is easier than finding new ones. They also point out that repeat customers spend 67% more, and overall, 65-75% of their business comes from retained customers.

Custom packaging supplies are also essential for those drop shipping private-label products. If you are in that industry, as a retailer or shipper, understanding the value of custom packaging supplies is critical. The customer doesn’t know a third party is involved, but they do know if their experience is memorable and if they are likely to return the next time they need something.

At Pinnacle Packaging, we can help you find custom packaging options to fit your budget and how to get the most for your money.


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