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Have a Warehouse? Here are the Products We Think You Need!

There are many different types of warehouses—distribution centers, public, private, bonded, climate-controlled, and smart. Their purposes differ, but their functionality is generally similar–storing goods and then distributing them.

They have many things in common, and no one will be surprised to hear that includes the supplies they use to do everything from processing orders to keeping products organized, the facility clean, and racks labeled.

When it comes to jobs and the tickets used to make sure that the correct item is sent to the right customer and location, there are many different job ticket holders that Pinnacle Packaging can order for use at your warehouse.

Those ticket holders vary not only in size (from 4”x6” to 15”x18”), but they also come in a wide variety of styles, including clear with stitched black edges and a grommet at the top for hanging. Other styles are neon, deluxe with hanging straps, solid black, gusseted, heavyweight, dual pocket, self-adhesive, magnetic, and more.

Items for Organizing

There are many items used for organization, but the most critical in a warehouse environment are probably those supplies used for rack labeling. There are four main types of rack labels—magnetic, vinyl, plastic, and removable.

Within each of those types, there are more varieties to choose from. For example, there are magnetic label rolls, strips, sheets, tape, envelopes, and c-channel. Vinyl comes in many different sizes of press-on envelopes, letters, numbers, and corresponding insert cards are also available for use.

Plastic label holders also come in various designs and sizes, such as strips, top load, snap-on, inserts, and side loading. Removable adhesive labels are an interesting product that comes in many sizes and colors, and they peel off without leaving a residue or tearing.

Everyday Use

Warehouses and the staff that works there would feel stranded without many of the items they use every day. These include knives, staplers and staples, adhesives, shipping indicators, desiccants, markers and stencils, signs, rubber bands, carton stands, white/cork boards, and 3M Command products.

Knives come in an impressive array of styles and sizes, from retractable utility knives to steel-track snap knives, safety knives, self-retracting, auto-locking, disposable, auto-loading, scraper, disposable, box cutters, and holsters to keep them on your hip for easy access.

Staplers are available for cartons or hand use and come in various styles, from pneumatic stick or roll, manual, or foot operated, while adhesives are Gorilla brand and come in duct tape, glue, super glue, shipping, and clear repair tape.

Desiccants, the packets used for moisture and corrosion control, come in many sizes and types, ranging from tiny to very large, and are in Tyvek or Kraft paper with the contents made of clay, gel, and Container Dri II. They are designed to absorb moisture, odors, and chemicals to preserve and protect products.

Carton stands help keep workstations neat and organized, while white and cork boards help fuel creativity and organization as well. For these or any of the items Pinnacle Packaging has available, you are always welcome to call us at (773) 235-6060 with questions, and we are here to help you place orders with the products you need and will use.


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