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How to Pack Your Office for a Move or Remodel

It’s not very often that you have to pack up your office for a move or remodeling unless you’re a teacher. Teachers seem to have to pack up their classroom more often than any other profession.

Whether you are in corporate headquarters, a satellite office, a small business office, or even a classroom, you will need some supplies before you get started. Those include:

  • Moving boxes in small, medium, and large size
  • Specialty Boxes
  • Packaging tape
  • Packing paper
  • Anti-static bubble wrap
  • Markers
  • Index cards


Once you have the supplies you need, it’s time to begin organizing. First, clear up any paperwork that may be lying around and put them into the appropriate files, create new files if needed, and discard or shred them as appropriate. Then, store all files in their proper places so they are easier to put away on the other end of your move or remodel.


If you are able to keep your files in a file cabinet and move it as one unit, either lock the drawers or tape them so they remain closed. If they cannot be moved in your cabinet, then organize them in boxes by category, whether subject or alphabetical.

Every box should be labeled with a number and taped closed with packaging tape. Then, use an index card and label it with the same number and list the contents. At the end of packing, put all index cards together in an envelope and keep them with you.

Keep an eye on the weight of boxes as you fill them. It’s important that boxes are not too heavy to be comfortably lifted. It’s very easy to overfill boxes with books, in particular.

Confidential or Sensitive Documents

Any sensitive work or personal documents and items should be stored in a small, separate box, labeled, and kept with you so they cannot be damaged or lost in the move. This may include the labeled index cards, birth certificates, social security cards, banking information, checks, keys, external computer drives with confidential data, etc.


Packing up electronics is much easier than reconnecting them at the other end of a move or remodel. Reconnection can be made a lot easier if you do a few things before you pack them up.

First, make sure all your hard drives have been backed up. Next, take a picture of each unit, front and back, capturing all elements. Only after those items have been done can you shut down the system and start the dismantling process.

Before you unplug each cord, wrap a piece of tape around it and note where it is plugged into and on which unit if there is more than one. Pack electronics carefully, using appropriately sized boxes, wrapping components in anti-static bubble wrap, and filling gaps in boxes with packing paper. Note on index cards which numbered boxes go together, as it’s likely that cords may be packed separately from the rest.

Specialty Items

There are always specialty items that need to be packed and require special care and boxes. This could include dishes, artwork, mirrors, televisions, lamps, and more. There are specialty boxes available to help with these and other hard-to-pack items.

These types of items most often require bubble wrap and packing paper around them to keep them well-protected during the move. Labeling them as fragile will also help ensure that the movers are careful.

Planning ahead to buy any specialty boxes early will save you a headache later.

Crating Services

Crating services are also available and can be used to protect and move or ship fragile, awkward, large, or heavy items that cannot be traditionally packed. Plan ahead for these items as well, so they can be scheduled in advance and you do not encounter a waiting period.

If you are unsure how many boxes and other supplies you will need, we can help you to figure that out. Call us at (773) 235-6060, and we will be happy to help you.


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