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The Benefits of Using Foam Packaging

Packaging your items for shipping, especially if they are sensitive or breakable, is a challenge. Shippers aren’t always careful how they handle packages, no matter how big FRAGILE is stamped on the box. That leaves it up to you to ensure the package makes it from truck to plane to truck again and is delivered to your customer in perfect condition.

This is when foam packaging comes to the rescue. It takes many different forms to address every need you have, from the size or composition of your package, to how fragile the contents are or whether they are affected by static.

There are numerous sizes and types of foam packaging products available here for you to choose from. There are the standard foam rolls, pouches, sheets, and dispenser packs, as well as cohesive foam, recycled foam, convoluted (looks like egg crate material), custom fit pick and pack foam, and foam corners and edge protectors.

Different Types of Foam

There are many different types of foam, including polyurethane, which is the most versatile and is a soft, open-cell foam. It has excellent shock absorption properties and is often made into egg-crate style foam and custom shapes or used as general padding.

Other types of foam packaging include polyethylene and anti-static foam. Polyethylene is a much more dense, closed-cell foam used most often for products that are highly sensitive and need extra damage protection, while anti-static foam cushions very well at the same time it eliminates and absorbs electrical charges.

Benefits of Using Foam

There are major benefits to using foam when shipping products. Here are some of them:

Clean: Foam is clean and won’t transfer ink to your products the way newsprint will. There are many options to choose from when looking for the foam that will keep your products clean and safe.

Cost-Effective: Not only are foam products themselves affordable, but they are also lightweight. Shipping prices are calculated partially by weight, and lightweight foam products help to keep your shipping costs to a minimum.

Recyclable: Foam packaging is easy to recycle and doesn’t make a mess the way Styrofoam does. It is easily folded or tucked into a box to be sent for recycling by consumers. It is also resilient and can stand up to your customers reusing them for their own purposes. No matter how they are recycled, it makes a difference when it comes to your ecological footprint.

Safe: If you choose an anti-static foam product, it is safe for use with electronics. These sensitive products always require extra protection from static electricity and physical damage while in transit.

Soft: When shipping fragile items, foam packaging is an excellent choice. No one likes to think their package will be tossed carelessly onto a porch or fall off a pallet when unloading at a receiving dock, but the fact is, those things happen. To protect your product from that eventuality, the use of the correct foam products will keep them from breaking during shipping and keep your customers happy.

No matter what your shipping and packing requirements are, there is a foam that will be the perfect partner for your products, to make sure that your product makes it safely into the hands of your customers.

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