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Top 3 Packaging Trends for 2022: Predictions for the Year Ahead

Usually, when putting together a trends list for the new year, one expects that at least one will be new. This year, however, Nicole DeJoris, president of Pinnacle Packaging, says, “The trends are not all that different than what we’ve been working with for the past year. The big change was the uptick in eCommerce availability and consumers’ buying habits changing because of COVID. That was a huge thing that’s still driving the supply chain issues that we’re seeing today.”

With that in mind, DeJoris said the top three trends continuing this year are sustainability, the continued need for eCommerce solutions, and flexible packaging.


The continued drive toward packaging sustainability is due to consumer awareness, particularly Millennials, as seen in the June 2021 Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey from PwC. There are several considerations when it comes to sustainable packaging—performance, cost, can it be sorted, is it compostable, can it be reused, recyclability, and is there a post-consumer market for it once it has been recycled?

Packaging is a necessity, but consumers are asking how much is necessary, and their voices are getting louder. Especially as they break down more boxes, stuff recycling bins with paper filler, and pop all those plastic air cushions that keep goods from bouncing around inside boxes as they are shipped to homes and offices.

Examples of sustainable packaging include edible packaging, biodegradable plastics, refillable containers, refilling from bulk dispensers, post-consumer recycled plastic resin, reusable packaging, and returnable packaging.

eCommerce Packaging Solutions

The need for eCommerce packaging solutions continues, DeJoris said, “Because there is no change in our buying habits. People like having things delivered to their homes now, and it’s very easy to return.”

Most people think of online retailers when it comes to eCommerce, such as Amazon or their favorite supplier for beauty products, cleaners, clothes, and much more. What you may not realize is that this extends to the grocery store for many consumers. What began for many due to the pandemic has continued thanks to the time-saving nature and the convenience of delivery, which also requires packaging, whether in bags or boxes.

The trend for eCommerce has been non-branded outer packaging and something personalized, such as a thank you note, included inside the box, often with color-coordinated paper. This is due partially to supply chain challenges as well as fulfilling eco-friendly requirements.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging replaces cans, bottles, and hard plastics with non-rigid bags and pouches to package and protect products. These take up less space in your cabinets. “One example of an early adopter of this form of packaging is tuna,” DeJoris said.

Some advantages to using flexible packing include the wide variety of sizes and shapes that are available, the ability to brand the whole package, the convenience factor for consumers, the extension of the product’s shelf life, and it is eco-friendly.

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