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Using Reflection to Move Forward

Happy New Year! This time of year is known for those pesky little things called resolutions. They come with a lot of pressure to make a commitment to change something or adopt a new behavior—gym, anyone?

Instead, let’s take time to be intentional and reflect on last year first, to look at every area and take stock. Give yourself a state of the company address and identify what went well and what didn’t. Did you know research shows that writing notes down by hand makes it easier to remember them later?

Why should you do this? After all, you stay on top of your business all year long and know what you need to do next. However, reflection can be the key to peace and productivity.

When done purposefully, reflection often brings clarity, and it only takes one moment, one idea, or one shift in business to take it to the next level. It also gives you a reason to celebrate the good things that took place, and who doesn’t like taking the time to thank those who made it happen?

So, what’s a good way to go about reflection? First, revisit your goals. Look at those you’ve achieved and those you haven’t. How fast did you reach the ones that are done, and what is holding you back from meeting others? What have you learned?

As you continue the reflection process, be kind and honest, but don’t be harsh and judgmental. Learn from your mistakes and your successes. Ask yourself what was in your control and what wasn’t. How can you change that?

Other questions might include: What can you take from last year to build upon this year? What worked well that you should continue? What should be left behind?

As you shift from reflection to moving forward, use the answers from your review to guide you as you develop your goals for this year. As you work on goal setting, ask yourself, where do you want to be at the end of the year? What does that look like, and what will it take to reach it?

From there, you will be able to define your goals and move forward with confidence. One thing to remember is to be straightforward in setting goals. Simplicity and clarity go hand in hand, allowing you and your team to work together and achieve great things throughout the year.

I am here to help support your goals, and when it comes to budgeting for your packaging supplies, understanding more about them, and what options you have, my new magazine also has a lot of guidance to offer.

You can find this magazine—a compilation of my most informative blog posts over the last two years, and I am always available at (773) 235-6060 to answer any questions you may have.


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