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How to Customize Your Shipping Materials and Prioritize Customer Experience on a Budget

Finding the perfect shipping box for your business can be a challenge. That’s why Pinnacle Packaging offers shipping supplies that are sure to make your brand stand out from all the rest. Even if your business doesn’t have the budget for branded customization, we’ll show you how certain shipping supplies can be implemented in your packaging so that customers remember your company’s dedication to creating an elevated customer experience.

Pick the Right Size Mailer for the Items You Ship

While it may make sense for some brands to only ship their products using one standard size mailer, brands whose product comes in various sizes benefit from taking time to establish boxes for specific items. This dedication to the right size shipping materials not only cuts down on supply costs but leaves your customers feeling as though you took the time to consider which box was best to mail their items—showing brand loyalty to customer experience. Alternatively, if you don’t have space to stock a variety of mailing boxes, poly mailers are an excellent solution because of their ability to ship such a wide variety of items.

Choose Mailers and Tapes That Align With Branding

When businesses are just starting to establish themselves, it can sometimes be costly to customize shipping materials for products that could easily be shipped in standard packaging. However, to make your package stand out for a fraction of the price, consider shipping supplies such as our metallic glamour mailers and multicolored tapes in your brands colors to help add a custom feel to your packaging. You can even try adding branded labels to boxes and mailers as a great low-cost alternative to branded packaging. These options not only save you money but allow your shipping materials to be easily reused by customers, furthering brand attention to sustainability.

Include Wrapping Inside the Box for More Fragile Items

Nothing shows you care about your product’s safe arrival, like including a filler in your package to protect the goods during transit. Whether you choose kraft paper or bubble wrap, customers appreciate the attention to detail. Taking the time to wrap your products or fill them with care allows you to make a good impression and ensures that you present your product to customers with pride.

While it may be tempting to implement a one size fits all shipping mentality, there are many ways to make the shipping process a custom experience at any budget point. Visit our website to browse our full variety of shipping materials and find a solution that works for your business.