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Your e-Commerce Guide to Packaging

Unboxing. The trending term encapsulates the culmination of every retailer and manufacturer’s efforts. It takes the process of design, engineering, manufacturing, storage, packaging, and shipping down to one moment—when your customer opens the box or boxes to reveal the item they ordered.

For many people, even today, when stores have reopened across much of the country, the at-home unboxing experience is the result of their preferred online shopping method.

Retailers are always looking for ways to stand out. In today’s environment, that has to begin within the online shopping experience, which is the way businesses choose to “display” their products on their website, how easy they are for consumers to find, search, and sort through to find the style, size, and color they are looking for.

From Shopping to Shipping

Once a customer has done that and placed an order, packaging takes place, the item is shipped, and the customer receives the package. When the unboxing experience begins, customers will notice how it is packaged, from the outside box to the inside box or packages.

Are they intact? Are they damaged? Is there anything that surprises them? How does it make them feel? As they open each package, are the products undamaged? Do they look, smell, and feel like the customer expected?

They won’t be asking these questions out loud, but they will be paying attention to these things, and so should you because this moment makes or breaks customer retention and will either cost or save you money.

If they ordered a dress and it is neatly folded in the package, wrapped in tissue paper, came with a thank you note, slides on easily, and makes them feel good, chances are good that you’re winning the market share game.

If the dress was tossed in a clear sleeve and shipped in another bag that arrived with a tear in it, and then it comes out of the sleeve and sheds glitter all over the customer and the floor, you can probably bet they will stuff it back in the bag with disgust and send it back. Then, you will have to work harder to get their business the next time.

e-Commerce Packaging and Expectations

The packaging you choose to protect your products and the others you use to ship them to your customers might not be able to change the glitter disaster, but it could save the other items that came in the same box. How? By making it less likely for damage to occur and including items that say to the customer that you take pride in your products, the condition they arrive in, and you care about how it makes your customer feel.

Here are some things you should consider when choosing your packaging:

  • What packaging do you need to protect your products, from the outside box or mailer to the interior box, tissue, foam, air pockets, bubble wrap, or Styrofoam peanuts?
  • Presentation matters, which means packing your items with care and showing your commitment to quality and customer service.
  • Use this opportunity to advertise your brand, from the water-activated tape with your logo on it, to a clever message printed on top of the inside box or some other place that is appropriate to your business, products, and message.
  • Spend wisely, such as choosing packaging that will do a great job and can be branded. Selecting items that serve more than one purpose will help you to maximize your impact and save you dollars.
  • Use only what you need and don’t use mixed materials as they cannot be recycled. Using recyclable materials helps our planet, and customers pay attention to this. Even better, include instructions for recycling or a QR code that will take them to a place on your website that provides instructions. This is also an excellent place for a friendly “We love you!” message.

What should you do? What can you afford to do? What are customers responding to or not? These can be challenging questions, but a professional packaging supplier, such as Pinnacle Packaging, can help guide you. We understand all the nuances between product choices and can help you find the perfect items for you and your customers.

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