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5 Ways to Celebrate National Custodial Worker’s Day

Every year on October 2nd, it’s time to celebrate National Custodial Worker’s Day! They might be quietly working behind the scenes in your building, office, or school, but they deserve to be recognized for their efforts to keep your spaces safe, clean, and well-maintained.

They are there every day, emptying garbage cans, wiping down door handles, dusting desks, and cleaning off those nasty bits of stuff that always seem to land on the tables and chairs in the break room.

Their jobs are crucial for our peace of mind and safety, especially in today’s world where Covid plays such a huge role. It is mainly through their efforts that you can return to the workplace and feel good about it.

As of March 2020, there are close to 4.4 million custodial and domestic workers in the U.S., according to, and they generally hear more complaints than compliments during their workday.

With that in mind, let’s make sure we all give our custodial staff some extra love to recognize their efforts and hard work.

Here are several ways you can do that:

  1. Write them a thank you note, tell them why you appreciate them, and be specific. Yours could be the first one they receive.
  2. Give them a gift, especially one they can use with their family or a friend. This could be a restaurant gift card, concert or sporting event tickets, or a gift card to a movie theater.
  3. Throw an office party for your custodial staff. Cater lunch or dinner and don’t forget a fun cake! Invite everyone in the office to join in the fun and get to know those who take such good care of you and your office.
  4. Make more of an effort to pick up after yourself. This helps make their job easier and will undoubtedly be noticed and appreciated.
  5. Invest in good quality janitorial supplies that help to make their job easier every day of the year. This can save them time and your company money. Pinnacle Packaging offers a great selection of well-made products that can help you to upgrade your custodial closet.

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