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Celebrate National Take a Wild Guess Day—Play Packaging Supply Trivia!

It was National Take a Wild Guess Day on April 15, and guess what that means? An excuse to have some fun! After all, who doesn’t love a chance to take a wild guess, answering questions where the answers may surprise you?

Pinnacle Packaging is, as you know, in the packaging supply business, so most of the questions and answers will circle that industry. We may have taken a walk on the wild side for a moment or two, so there could be a surprise in store.

Below are 10 questions. The answers will be in the section below the questions. And if the little kid in you wants to know what prize you get for answering all of them correctly? Satisfaction and bragging rights amongst your colleagues if you get a better score than they do.

Let the fun begin! And good luck!


  1. How much corrugated board was produced worldwide in 2021? (Hint: In tons.)
  2. What is the second most shipped commodity (by weight) to the US? (Hint: First is furniture and furniture parts.) Part 2: What import comes in at #7 when calculated by value? (Hint: It’s just ahead of computers.)
  3. How many meters of single-use packaging tape is used worldwide each year?
  4. What was the intended use for Bubble Wrap when it was developed? (Hint: It was not for protecting goods the way we use it today.)
  5. How many cable/zip ties are produced each year?
  6. Where can you find the world’s largest cow? (Hint: It never moves.)
  7. Gloves are commonplace in many work environments. How long ago were the first gloves made?
  8. According to the manufacturers of WD-40, users have submitted more than 2,000 uses for the oily stuff. Which do they say is the most unusual? (Hint: It’s not removing grape juice stains, but we think that should be a close second.)
  9. Newsprint is often used by our clients as an economical void fill. What year was it invented?
  10. Who is the founder of Pinnacle Packaging?


Here are the answers:

  1. 184 million tons.
  2. In fact, 2.876 million metric tons. For Part 2, the answer is pills–$9.246 billion.
  3. 915 billion meters. Tape still attached to boxes melts during the recycling process, but companies such as Tesa have developed biodegradable tape to help sustainability efforts.
  4. Bubble Wrap was intended to be sold as wallpaper with a raised texture.
  5. It is estimated that up to 100 billion cable/zip ties are manufactured every year.
  6. The world’s largest Holstein cow, named Salem Sue, is a fiberglass sculpture located in New Salem, North Dakota.
  7. It’s estimated that the first gloves were created between 18,000 BC and 3,100 BC.
  8. The most unusual reported use was using it to get a boa constrictor out of an engine compartment. Of course, you may disagree, so here is their entire list.
  9. Charles Fenerty, of Nova Scotia, Canada, is credited with inventing newsprint in 1844.
  10. Chris DeJoris founded Pinnacle Packaging and brought competitive packaging solutions to his clients until his passing in 2019. He loved serving his clients and building strong relationships, something we continue today.


I hope this has been fun for you and given you some insights into the packaging supply industry, some of the products we sell, and how we have built our business over the years. Thank you for being the best part of Pinnacle Packaging!


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