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How to Choose the Right Packaging With Your Business Goals in Mind

When you run an eCommerce business, there are many considerations you must take into account while creating the packaging for your product. Those considerations often leave companies looking for ways to stay consistent with their brand goals and ethics to support the overarching customer experience. With over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, Pinnacle Packaging has come up with a list of questions to ask yourself when deciding what packaging decisions matter most to your business and consumers.

Is protecting the environment and reducing the shipping industry’s impact a vital standard that your company upholds?

If so, eco-friendly shipping options might be best for you. Here at Pinnacle Packaging, we often recommend our paper mailers and corrugated boxes as a packaging solution to help your company put sustainability first and reduce the amount of plastic packaging your company needs. If you are looking to be eco-conscious, we also recommend moving away from plastic fillers. As an alternative, we recommend our Kraft Paper or Newsprint, made out of 100% recycled materials; they both offer excellent protection and allow you to use less plastic inside your box as well.

Do you want to increase customer brand recognition?

If you are looking to improve the customer experience, look no further than customizable packaging. Here at Pinnacle Packaging, our variety of customizable corrugated boxes, sheets, tubes, foam, and tape, ensures there is always a packaging solution that makes your brand stand out from the rest! Packaging that your customers remember and want to share is an investment that shows an excellent return. Customizing the customer experience spreads brand awareness and increases the likelihood that your customers will want to share their packages on social media. In a study done on eCommerce packaging, dotcom Distribution found that 40% of consumers are likely to share their packaging online if it comes in a uniquely branded box. Customized packaging can thus act as a marketing strategy in and of itself.

Is safe delivery your top priority?

When you want to ensure your package arrives safely, it’s genuinely the contents of your box that matter most. When shipping items like candles and glassware, you should always pay extra attention to wrapping and supporting your goods to protect them best. Here at Pinnacle, we not only offer a wide variety of loose fill, air pillows, bubble wrap, and foam to protect your goods, but we also are here to give you advice on the best filler for your product.

Pinnacle is here to help you find the next solution to your packaging needs. We don’t just sell packaging; we strive to work with you to find an option consistent with your brand’s identity!