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What Is Chipboard? How to Elevate the Way You Ship Documents and Prints

Shipping items like posters and documents can pose a challenge, but here at Pinnacle Packaging, we have the solution. If you haven’t already heard, Chipboard is a lifesaver for all of those packages you want to make sure arrive free of bends or rips. Below we cover some of the reasons you might choose to include chipboard in your next shipping project:

What is Chipboard?

While searching for shipping materials, you might have come across chipboard products. Composed of compressed recycled fibers, chipboard is a product that can help strengthen your packaging integrity and act as a stiffener. The many benefits it offers may lead you to choose to include chipboard in your packaging. It comes in a range of different thicknesses and can sometimes vary in color depending on the fibers used to create it. Because the chipboard acts as a stiffener, it can be used as a low-cost defense system when the item’s protection is of the utmost importance.

Choosing the Right Product

Here at Pinnacle Packaging, we have a whole slew of shipping products and stiffeners to include when you mail your products. By visiting our online store, you’ll find we offer chipboard pads, boxes, mailers, and so much more. We recommend adding our Kraft Stayflats® Mailers or chipboard pads when shipping legal documents or prints, while our chipboard cartons and boxes might be more suitable for reinforcing more fragile packages.

A Worthy Business Investment

You might be asking yourself why you should be investing in adding chipboard to your packaging arsenal. We’ve got the answer. While you may look at the upfront costs of using chipboard and assume it’s just another added expense you can avoid. The reality is that using chipboard in your mailers will help you protect your products, meaning you may be able to lower damaged goods costs. It can even help you improve customer satisfaction as it shows you care about the products you produce and ensure that they arrive safely to consumers. Research from PwC shows that one-third of consumers will not continue to trust a brand after just one bad interaction. That’s why protecting your products with shipping additives like chipboard creates positive customer interactions that are critical to establishing your brand and ensuring customer retention.

The next time you’re searching for the perfect stiffener to protect your package, keep the chipboard in mind. Still not sure which item to pick to safeguard your products? We are always here to help. To find out more information or to get assistance choosing the perfect product for your company’s needs, you can contact us at 773-235-6060.