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Past Holiday Packaging Trends to Inspire You Today

Is any time of the year as crucial for your business as the holiday season? Your customers are searching for the perfect gift, and you’re hoping to not only sell it to them but have them coming back for more.

So, how do you ensure that they remember what they got from your company more than the product that arrived on their doorstep the next day? Of course, having a superior product is crucial, and I know yours is, so the next point of distinction is your packaging.

Connecting With Customers

We all want to connect with our customers, bring a smile to their faces, and help them to feel good about the product(s) we send them. Combining the expected with a surprise can do that. That may mean beautiful holiday packaging, a handwritten note with a free sample of another product, or a full-size product developed specifically to be included during the holidays.

As you prepare your holiday packaging supplies for use, those retailers who use quality materials get extra points from consumers. It helps them to know that you care about them enough to go the extra mile to protect the item they ordered and to make it look pretty. It also sets you apart from your competition, and packaging suppliers like Pinnacle Packaging can help you make that happen.

Nostalgia is a Customer Favorite

When it comes to packaging trends, whether they are from the past or current, some remain timeless. Those that are nostalgic and bring back memories, those with festive patterns like snowmen and sleighs, the use of bright colors, and those that can be considered sustainable.

Be Clever

Another way to grab your customer’s attention during the holidays is to use clever wording or phrases on your packaging, whether on the product packaging itself, on the shipping box, on water-based tape, or inside the box on the paper stuffing or plastic pillows.

Several years ago, a few examples of clever wording included Stella Artois saying, “Originally Crafted for Christmas,” and Panera, who said, “You can only eat leftover ham and turkey for so long…” They paired that with takeout bags printed with red and white stars, a moon and trees, cardinals, and sayings such as Share Joy, Share Wonder, and Share Peace.

Other companies have gone for the laugh with a dose of realism. Beefeater Gin got snorts of laughter when they quipped, “When the wine and champagne isn’t strong enough to get you through the family reunion.”

Begin Your Own Tradition

Of course, you can start your own tradition. Perhaps it’s putting together coordinating colors and patterns used on shipping boxes, tape, and the inside filler. It could be red, green, and silver in stripes, solids, and a pattern. Perhaps you choose one element that you keep the same every year while the rest changes around it.

Or make up a different festive sticker each year that includes a dynamic QR code that lets you take customers to different web locations, such as a contest each year or a survey to fill out that generates a coupon code afterward. The sky truly is your limit when it comes to QR codes.

Whether you need to order holiday boxes, tape, stickers with a holiday QR code, brightly colored shredded paper, or cute holiday notecards, at Pinnacle Packaging, we are here to help you make great choices for the best price.


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