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Custom Crating and Shipping Services: How Does it Work?

Any time you have a fragile, oddly shaped, heavy, or extremely large item to be shipped, it can have your stress level shooting up and keep you awake at night. After all, crating and shipping these items so they arrive in pristine condition at their destination is not an easy task.

So, how can you reduce your stress over this essential service? Should you take classes, practice a lot, or use a trusted partner, like Pinnacle Packaging, to take care of this for you?

Will it cost you to hire a professional service to crate, protect, and ship your items? Of course, it will, but some dollars are better spent than others, and paying for services that guarantee you and your customers peace of mind is certainly one of them.

Let’s talk about the steps we go through in order to get the item from your location to your customer’s. There are several steps we follow to ensure a successful and safe delivery.

Local Pick-Up

The process begins with our team picking up your item to be shipped and transporting it to our facility. We can coordinate with our fleet of trucks to pick up your items from anywhere in the upper Midwest. Workers will pad, protect, and strap down all of your belongings and take them to our shop for high-quality packing and crating. If you live outside our service area, we are more than happy to arrange for one of our reputable logistics partners to pick up your items.

Custom-Built Crates

There is, quite literally, a crate for every item that needs to be shipped. The process begins with a thorough assessment of your item, including measurements and evaluating specific challenges that must be met, such as whether it is fragile, is an unusual shape, and how much it weighs.

In order to protect your shipment throughout its entire journey, we use only the highest quality construction lumber and panels for our crates. Our standard industrial packing product consists of a substantial forklift-able platform as well as plywood or OSB panels with external frames measuring 1×4 or 2×4.

Crates come—or are made—in nearly every imaginable size out of the best materials for the job. Did you know that Pinnacle Packaging offers standard crates, custom-engineered crates, skids and pallets, mil-spec crates, Carolina Inspection Services (heat treated for export), museum and trade show crates, and knock-down and reusable crates.

Protective Packaging

When it comes to custom packaging and packing, no two items are the same. Whether they are delicate, fragile, very large and heavy, or anywhere in between, there is a combination of products that are perfect for every application.

We offer a variety of options to ensure that we meet the needs of your shipment every time. They include vacuum sealing, custom corrugated packaging, interior packing and padding, specialized custom cushioning, engineered product-specific packaging, and engineered packaging.

The protection chosen for your items is based on the item itself, and what will protect it in the best way possible.

Experienced Personnel

Our personnel are shipping experts with experience you can rely on to safely crate, pack, and ship your item to its destination. Without this component, the rest doesn’t matter. We have the experience and expertise to know what works best for every type of item you can ship, from interior protection to the crate itself.

For more information on shipping your valued cargo, please call us at (773) 235-6060.


About Us

Pinnacle Packaging, Inc. offers our customers the best product selection and fast delivery, all at great prices. We are proud to offer over 20,000 quality products from well-known and trusted brands like 3M, Sealed Air, Tape Logic, Rubbermaid, Ivex, and many more. Our mission is to be the single source answer to all our customers’ packaging needs.

Through the years, we have established a reputation with our customers for providing fast, reliable, and professional service. Our high level of responsiveness to our customers’ needs keeps them coming back.