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Pinnacle Packaging Has What?

What can be vinyl or leather, mesh or plastic? What could cover only the wrist, fingers, or the whole hand and not the fingers? The answer is 12 different varieties of gloves we carry at Pinnacle Packaging.

Those gloves, like many other items we carry, don’t fall neatly into the category of packaging supplies the way most people think of them. However, over the years, we expanded our product line to include items that help people who perform janitorial services, organize, work in warehouses, or rely on labels to make their workday easier or safer.

This expansion allowed us to become a one-stop shop for many of our customers, streamlining their ordering process. We love being able to make purchasing our products fast, easy, and intuitive for our customers, so let’s talk about some of the other industries we serve and the items we supply.


Janitors are our heroes. They clean up our messes, remove the trash, and make our workspaces and buildings look clean and smell fresh. Did you know that a clean and organized workspace increases productivity, helps you focus, and results in higher-quality work?

Janitorial supplies that we carry include cleaning supplies, paper products and their dispensers, soap, sanitizers, mops, squeegees, brooms, dust pans, trash cans and liners, vacuums, shop vacs, air movers, tilt trucks, carts, sorbents and sweeping compounds, rags, and scrubs in a bucket.

You might be surprised that we also carry food service items such as utensils, cups, plates, bowls, deli containers, take-out containers, soup containers, foil, and film.


Whether you are in an office or warehouse, you probably use many of these items. We stock warehouse supplies that include job ticket holders, knives, adhesives, staplers, desiccants, markers and stencils, rubber and pallet bands, carton stands, lubricants, white and cork boards, signs, and Command products.

A few interesting items amongst those supplies include spray inks, brass stencils, 27 different types of knives and cutters, and self-stick detectors that monitor shipments and indicate possible shock damage to packages during shipment.


The world of labels is unique and quite interesting. Our three main categories of labels are shipping and handling, inventory, and rack labeling. These include the standard items you would expect, such as cautionary labels, color coding dots and rectangles, month, day, and year labels, and others that are magnetic, vinyl, or have removable adhesive.

Labels come in every shape, size, and color imaginable and do everything from telling people where to sit at a table (tent cards) to denoting flammable liquids to issuing warnings for Proposition 65.


When it comes to organization, there is no end to products, including labels, which we already talked about at length above. Other organizational items include plastic bins, wire shelving, plastic storage containers, totes, corrugated storage boxes, and tags.

One of the more interesting or fun-named items we also carry are space-age totes, which are not made of materials from outer space, and are used for transporting or sorting.

There is something for everyone, and we offer competitive pricing. We also provide a wide variety of customized items for our customers. If you are looking for additional information on that or any of the items mentioned here, please check out our products here or call us at (773) 235-6060.


About Us

Pinnacle Packaging, Inc. offers our customers the best product selection and fast delivery at great prices. We are proud to offer over 20,000 quality products from well-known and trusted brands like 3M, Sealed Air, Tape Logic, Rubbermaid, Ivex, and many more. Our mission is to be the single source answer to all our customers’ packaging needs.

Through the years, we have established a reputation with our customers for providing fast, reliable, and professional service. Our high level of responsiveness to our customers’ needs keeps them coming back.