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The Best Products to Protect Your Fragile Shipment

With all the shipping that is done in today’s booming ecommerce industry, shipping items to customers might seem like a slam dunk. Until that fragile item comes down the line and you’re faced with uncertainty on the best way to protect it for shipment.

Do you know the right way to protect it? Do you have the right products to do the job? Is there a right and wrong way to take care of fragile items? After all, no one wants fragile—and probably expensive—items broken during shipping, resulting in disappointed customers, loss of inventory, or poor reviews that affect your business’ reputation.

Guidelines for Packing Fragile Items

While we can’t decide on the proper process for you to follow for each product specifically, there are some general guidelines to follow. Your products may require more or less care than these guidelines, so be sure to evaluate your process carefully.

Start by selecting a box that is only slightly larger than the item being shipped. Wrap the item carefully in cushioning material such as bubble wrap. For some products, you may need to add custom fit, anti-static foam cushioning, which can be pricey.

Empty space can cause objects to shift during shipping, causing damage to fragile items, so that space should be filled with either crinkled paper, air pillows, or packing peanuts.

Another good idea is to add fragile labels so that shipping clerks and delivery personnel know to take special care of you package during transit and delivery. These labels come in many different varieties and sizes for you to choose from.

Self-stick impact detectors are another tool in your shipping arsenal that indicate possible shock damage to packages during shipment. They attach easily to the outside of products or packaging and can also discourage rough treatment of a package during shipping.

Additional Products and Services to Protect Items

There are also many other items that require protection that may not be viewed as fragile in the same way as glass or porcelain, but also need extra protection. Furniture, while usually a sturdy product, often needs corners protected during shipping.

Other items that need extra measures can range from picture frames to beauty and cleaning products. The list of items that requires some sort of additional packaging is almost endless.

Edge protectors, strapping protectors, and strapping guards are also important for use both inside and outside, from single shipment boxes to shipment of many items together on a pallet.

There are also times when you don’t want to pack an item yourself, perhaps due to being fragile, or simply because of its size or shape. In instances like those, Pinnacle Packaging offers an impressive range of national and international custom crating, freighting, and shipping services for everything from delicate assemblies to large machinery.

This includes custom on-site packaging and packing including items like vacuum sealing, custom corrugated packaging, interior packing and padding, specialized custom cushioning, and engineered packaging. We can also pick up your item and carefully transport them to our office (limited area), and then arrange for delivery.

If you have any questions about these or any of our products, contact us here, and we will be happy to help you.


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