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What is a Packaging Supplier?

When you think of your packaging supplier, what comes to mind? Are they just another vendor who provides the products you need to keep things running smoothly and your customers happy? Or are they a trusted partner who goes well beyond the basics of ordering supplies and sending you the tracking information?

If you have yet to truly partner with your packaging supplier, you aren’t alone. It’s not unusual for retailers and others who use packaging supplies to think of their supplier as a vendor and nothing more.

However, shifting that thought pattern and partnering with your packaging supplier has several benefits you might not have considered. Sure, packaging suppliers sell everything you could need to package your products for sale, display them in a retail location, and ship them to your customers, but having a partner takes it to the next level.

For instance, in our catalog, you will find everything from corrugated and retail boxes, bags, mailers, and bubble wrap to janitorial and warehouse supplies, safety products, tape, and much more.

Here are several ways that having a packaging supplies partner will save you time and money:


As a partner, you can trust us as your packaging supplier to have extensive knowledge of not only every item in our catalog, but we have practical experience that helps us guide you to the products best suited for your unique products and needs.

No two companies are the same, and it’s the nuances—taking the time to understand your needs, your ideas, your products, and your budget—that take you from getting products that work to products that are perfect for you.

Elevating Your Customer Experience

It is easier—and more cost-effective—to retain customers and get repeat business than to find new customers. Part of the way companies do that is by giving their customers the best experience possible. This could include the unboxing experience–using packaging supplies that look and feel luxurious, including a handwritten note on a branded notecard, and ensuring your product is well packaged, so no damage occurs while in transit.

Your packaging supplier should discuss this with you and offer options that meet your goals. Our clients always appreciate that we have options for almost every budget.

Saves You Time

Faced with a catalog that has thousands of different items and variations on each of them can be overwhelming, and you shouldn’t have to take a course on how to select packaging supplies. We are able to save you time and headaches by cutting through all the catalog noise and directing you to the items that meet your criteria.

Meeting Your Budget

We understand how critical it is to stay within your budget. We do this by being transparent. There will be no surprises on your invoice, we do our best to let you know if there are price increases on the horizon so you can plan for them, and whenever possible, we work to creatively meet your product and pricing needs. This could mean suggesting an alternative product you might not have considered.

We are Your Biggest Supporter

At Pinnacle Packaging, we are here to help you find wins for your business. We cheer you on and support your efforts to meet your customers’ needs while keeping a healthy bottom line. This is what it means to be a partner. We are in this together.


About Us

Pinnacle Packaging, Inc. offers our customers the best product selection and fast delivery, all at great prices. We are proud to offer over 20,000 quality products from well-known and trusted brands like 3M, Sealed Air, Tape Logic, Rubbermaid, Ivex, and many more. Our mission is to be the single source answer to all our customers’ packaging needs.

Through the years, we have established a reputation with our customers for providing fast, reliable, and professional service. Our high level of responsiveness to our customers’ needs keeps them coming back.