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How to Use Cable Ties the Right Way

Cable ties are used for everything and seem to be limited only by your imagination.

Some people use cable ties, aka zip ties, to hold cars together, and law enforcement sometimes uses them in place of handcuffs. Manufacturers often use them to attach a product to its display card, while others use them to keep power cords neat for shipment, attach tags to clothes, or keep cables neatly arranged.

There are almost as many different types and sizes of cable ties as there are uses. And did you know there is a right way to use those handy little pieces of plastic? Even more importantly, there are many distinct types of cable ties that are intended for different uses.

How to Use a Cable Tie

If you haven’t used a cable tie before, there is a right and wrong way to use them. The right way will result in a tie that not only is able to be tightened around something but it stays tight until released or cut off, depending on the type of tie used. Used the wrong way, the tie will not stay tight, and the end will often slip back through the square end.

To use a cable tie the right way, once the tie is around the cables or whatever object you want held together, take the pointed end and insert it into the other end that has the receptacle.

If you have inserted it from the correct side, the teeth will click as it goes through, and it will tighten and not release. If that didn’t occur, and the end slides out freely, remove the pointed end, turn the tie over, reinsert it, pull tight, and move the head as far as it will go. Once it is tight, you can trim the excess if desired.

Different Types of Cable Ties

At Pinnacle Packaging, we carry a wide variety of cable ties which you can find here. The different ties are designed with specific uses in mind. Here are some of them:

  • Colored ties: Permanently secure cords, cables, bags, etc. They are tamper-proof, designed to lock tight, will not stretch or slide, and are used to color-code items. These also come in jumbo sizes, natural color.
  • Releasable cable ties: Use for items that are frequently modified. Simply press the tab to release, and the tie is ready to be reused.
  • Metal detectable cable ties: Nylon ties blend with metal, providing magnetic properties throughout—guards against contamination in pharmaceutical and food industries, is weather-resistant, and more cost-effective than stainless steel ties.
  • Identification cable ties: The same as standard ties but have a rectangular piece that can be written on to identify the items secured by the tie.
  • Stainless steel cable ties: Designed to use outside in even the harshest conditions to secure wires, cables, and pipes. Self-locking head for guaranteed security.
  • Natural security loops: Helps secure merchandise together or secure tags onto your products. Fast, economical, and permanent attachments. Easily snaps together by hand, no gun required, and they are tamper-proof.
  • Beaded security ties: Similar to security loops. Quickly tag parts without a gun–simply thread through tie to desired size.
  • VELCRO® Brand cinch straps: Strong hook and loop cinch straps provide extra holding power. Bundle cables, tubes, and hoses. Straps are adjustable and reusable.
  • VELCRO® Brand self-grip straps: Hook on one side, loop on the other. Straps securely attach to themselves.
  • Black UV cable ties: Nylon ties that permanently secure cords, cables, bags, etc., for continuous or extended exposure to outdoors and UV light. UV stabilized and tamper-proof.

For more information on cable ties or to get help deciding which tie is best for your application, the professionals at Pinnacle Packaging can help you.

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