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Why Packaging is Called a Silent Salesman

It’s no secret. Sales drive your bottom line. Your sales team, of course, is focused on that. There is one member of that team, however, that is called the silent salesman. The guy who does the heavy lifting at a reduced rate. Who is he? Your packaging.

Just like your sales team, your packaging sells your products, too. And, while your silent salesman doesn’t collect a quarterly commission, it should receive performance reviews and be updated to improve quotas as needed.

Your packaging speaks for your product in the same way your in-person salesman does. It gives prospective customers a way to cut through all the noise in the marketplace, give them a feel for your product, and quickly and easily find out the details they need to make a decision.

The Evolution of Product Packaging

Consumers haven’t always been as savvy, discriminating, and demanding as they are today. Product packaging didn’t exist hundreds of years ago, and goods were often shipped, stored, and displayed in wooden barrels or crates. They weren’t individually packaged, and there was little or no information on who produced them or what distinguished them.

As more products became available, companies looked for ways to make their product stand out and attract buyers. This continued to evolve and eventually included components to assure consumers of product safety and included plastics for food safety.

Over time, many changes were made to product packaging, including improvements to the durability of packaging, packaging performance, and functionality. Eventually, packaging met marketing, and the silent salesman was born.

Packaging Today

When in a retail setting, the packaging is often instrumental in giving consumers a favorable first impression, especially if they are unfamiliar with the product. As purchasing trends have shifted due to Covid-19 and the pandemic, marketing and packaging of products have had to change.

This shift includes eCommerce, and some of the necessary changes include updated websites, videos of products with packaging and in use, so a consumer can imagine themselves using it, and packaging for shipping.

Some companies put a personal touch and fancier packaging to use when shipping products to a consumer’s home or business. It’s not unusual to receive a hand-written thank you note, and colorful tissue to both decorate and create a lasting impression of goodwill.

Plan Ahead

If you are considering purchasing product packaging or packaging supplies, it’s best to plan far in advance. This is mainly due to the disruption in the supply chain, which has resulted in long delays between ordering supplies and delivery.

At Pinnacle Packaging, we are here to help you navigate the often-complex world of packaging and packaging supplies.

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